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Hi, I’m Laura Ang. I build meaningful digital experiences. Product Designer at Expedock.

I help organizations refine and scale product experiences

My guideposts

Lead the experience

Guide the user in every step of the journey. Aim to be helpful, engaging and supportive.

Align with data

I learn about users through data. Data guides me to make informed design decisions.

Let the user focus

Limit distractions. Keep it clear and straightforward. Provide only what's necessary for the context. 

Design for delight

Exceed customer expectations. We all know what a chocolate cake tastes like, but most get surprised by that hint of coffee that you mix in. 

See how I brought value to companies

SariSuki • 2021

Rebuilding Community Leaders' Core Experience 

SecureLoan • 2021

Redesigning a Loan Provider’s Website

Kalibrr • 2020

Simplifying the Onboarding Experience for Enterprise Recruiters

BeautyBuddy • 2022

Optimizing the Booking Process of the Platform 



Product Designer • Full-time

Mar 2023 - Present


UI/UX Designer • Contract

Nov 2021 - Mar 2023


Product Designer • Full-time

Jun 2021 - Mar 2023


BeautyBuddy, Pharmaserv, Green-Jakobsen, +3 more 

2017 - Present

Sun Life Philippines

UI/UX Designer • Contract

Mar 2019 - Jun 2021

Design Center of the Philippines

UX Copywriter • Contract

Oct 2020 - Jan 2021


Product Designer • Full-time

Nov 2019 - Dec 2020

How I work

FinSiteful has benefitted from Laura's amazing work for the past year and a half. We would highly recommend her to anybody. 

Working with Laura ensures that you will receive designs with great speed and of high quality. We have never had to wait on Laura. In fact, she is mostly waiting on us. She also always seems to think of ways to improve the UI/UX of any screen. Whether it is a small color change, button placement, or a complete overhaul, I am often mind blown by her work.

Before working with Laura, our main feedback on our mobile app was to improve the UI/UX. Now, our users love it and we've achieved product market fit.

Axel Fries

Co-Founder at FinSiteful

I've worked with Laura since at the first Y-Combinator startup in the Philippines, Kalibrr. She's detail-oriented and puts a lot of critical thinking behind her designs. She's very obsessed with the UX copy, interactions, and how the user feels when using the product. Laura also has a strong sense of growth as a designer, something she actively uses when scoping out designs in a new domain or scenarios.

Alexis Collado

Chief Design Officer at Swarm

I'm not kidding when I say Laura is a master at time management and learning. With her sort of dedication, she doesn't back down from any challenge and she won't hesitate to learn new skills to get to any goal. I'm proud to say I've worked with her. 

Nelson Gomez

Product Designer at Salad

I enjoyed working with Laura! She is quick to respond to feedback, easy to communicate with, and I appreciate when she voices out her thoughts and perspective!

Leona Lao

Head of Data at SariSuki

I've worked with her at Kalibrr, where she was a Product Designer. In her tenure, Laura led numerous UX research initiatives using different frameworks and tools.

She's also great at taking business needs, translating them into research objectives, and subsequently, pulling actionable insights from users.

Jiggy Villanueva

Product Designer at Swarm

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