I’m Laura!

I’m a Product Designer by craft, with roots in China but born and raised in Manila, Philippines.

I enjoy planning product experiences and understanding the spectrum of human behavior.

My guideposts

Lead the experience

Guide the user in every step of the journey. Aim to be helpful, engaging and supportive.

Align with data

We learn about users through data. Data guides us to make informed design decisions.

Let the user focus

Limit distractions. Keep it clear and straightforward. Provide only what's necessary for the context. 

Design for delight

Exceed customer expectations. We all know what a chocolate cake tastes like, but most get surprised by that hint of coffee that you mix in. 

My perspective on design

Design is a medium I use to help people navigate their world with ease and comfort. More than making things look pretty and work flawlessly, design is about guidance, strategy, and building relationships.

I design because great experiences help people become more confident - more confident in themselves as they use products they need in their lives.

Outside of design

When I'm not working, I love:

Reading books

Get recommendations from my online shelf

Meeting new people

Let’s talk about design, product, or startups! 

Playing games

Valorant and Don't Starve Together keep me sane and competitive.

Hiking with friends

Whether it’s local or international, count me in!

Baking sweet & sour

Chocolate chip cookies, lemon squares, and apple pies are my ultimate faves.

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You're in the right hands.

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